Almost 20 years ago, in Brunswick, Ohio, TRP Communications, Inc. began as a one-man computer repair company. Today, TRP has grown into a multi-location, multi-employee company that provides cable installations, telecommunication systems and security cameras throughout Northeast Ohio and several surrounding states.

I started the company with the idea of doing things “my way.” I had worked for several other companies as an electrician (the actual subject of my schooling) and then moved into the telecommunications side of the business. What I found was I just didn’t like the way other companies did things – both how they treated their employees and how they treated their customers. In fairness, I did learn a lot of good things and try my best to imitate those. I also was very aware of the bad – and continue to work hard to never repeat the bad examples I dealt with.

As a small business owner, a one-man shop when I first started, I was forced to find solutions. How to run a professional business and provide the service our customers required while not losing the personal touch all of us enjoy and prefer. Those same solutions that I had to figure out turned out to be great solutions for many of our customers. Solutions that utilize modern technology – implemented in a way that is easy to use. That background serves as the backbone of TRP’s mission: to provide reliable, cost effective technology for business solutions.

When speaking with our customers, we want to know, what problems can we solve? What are you trying to accomplish? For many, it just comes down to the money spent each month. So, we have worked for years to develop solutions that work well and often times cost less each month then what our customers currently have. After talking with our customers and getting a clearer understanding of their needs, we can then determine which products and services best fit each particular situation.

If you spend any time on our website, you will see information about what we sell. What you won’t find is an online store. There is one simple reason for that – every single business is different and the solution for each business is different. No matter what anyone says, I don’t believe a good business communication system can be built with an online store. You need to talk to the experts – the ones who know the technology and the options and can design something that works for your unique business.

One advantage I have in this is that I have absolutely no sales training or background. I come completely from the technical side of the house. That means I know how the technology actually works. And all of our techs today are trained on how the technology works – not how to sell it. We don’t need a salesman telling us to make so many cold calls or send so many emails and that will result in a certain amount of sales each month. My feelings are – know your products, know how they work and where to use them and the sales will come from that. That has worked for us for almost 20 years and I don’t plan to change now. We have never employed a salesman and have no plans to hire one. We are a company built from the ground up with technical people who know how to make that technology work for our customers!

Over the years we have seen significant shifts in technology, specifically in the field of communications. Twenty years ago, you had a phone system and, more than likely, a computer system. They were two separate systems that operated completely independent of one another. Today, those technologies have merged into one confusing mess. We see traditional IT companies trying to install phone systems. We see communications companies trying to manage customers’ computer networks. While it is certainly true that these technologies have significantly merged over the years, they are still two very unique and very different systems.

One of our strengths is knowing what we don’t know – or at least knowing what to keep our hands off of. We don’t know how to support your computer networks. That isn’t our focus. But we do know how to build a communication system that will work well with your computers, your smartphones and your remote workers. We know how to install and maintain camera systems so you can monitor your office from anywhere in the world. And we know how to install the cables needed to run all of this. We have become very good at working with multiple vendors to make sure the systems work the way they should.

I am confident that we can provide the customized communications solutions you need with the personal approach you want. Just give us an opportunity to work with you. Feel free to reach out to me directly at any time.


Toby Pischieri, owner
(330) 460-0945