Video surveillance is often an overlooked part of any office, retail or manufacturing environment. It is one of those things that you don’t want to invest in until you have an issue. Then it is too late and you find yourself without the video resources you needed.

How can we help? TRP Communications works with Hanwha, a global leader in the security industry. Hanwha offers video surveillance products including IP cameras, storage devices and management software founded on world-class optical design, manufacturing and image processing technologies. With their end-to-end security solutions, they have achieved global success across a wide range of industry verticals including retail, transportation, education, banking, healthcare, hospitality and airports.

The camera options and features are just about endless today but our design team will build an affordable solution that provides the security and peace of mind you want – and all of our camera systems support remote monitoring so now that peace of mind and security can be extended outside the office as well.

All of our techs are certified on the solutions we provide, so you know that you will be getting a quality product with a quality installation. And as always, we will provide the ongoing support you need!